Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Right And Wrong Way To Tweet

Twitter is massive but if used correctly it is a wonderful business resource.

Everyone and their brother has a Twitter account these days, I overheard one of my friends saying she doesn't have one and another was appealed.  These are not business people, these are every day people, the kind that will shop and hopefully spend money on your product.

If you are a business, you NEED to have a Twitter account and it needs to be updated. But wait, (insert the screeching of breaks) there is a right and wrong way to tweet.

  • First, establish a Twitter account. 
  • Next, search out "like minded people". Searching is easy, 
  • Then, tweet. 
  • Spend 15 minutes a day on Twitter and you will succeed in gaining a following and creating connections.
Follow, tweet, follow, retweet, it seems easy right?! Yet, I see so many people making mistakes. I have been on Twitter forever, sometimes I just sit and watch searching for something to answer, talk about, comment on, yet, the elusive tweet isn't there.  I know, I know, sometimes you can't say it all in 140 characters, but there is a way to engage people and acknowledge people.  Like every conversation, it is two sided, give and take. Easy right!?

Can't think of anything to say? retweet an interesting tweet you found on Twitter, leave a link for a post you want to share, but most importantly, be yourself. Let your personality shine through. People don't want to talk to a "company", they want to talk to you!

Easy, right? Here's some information to make it even easier and to help you find your way around.

There are great Twitter programs out there too. Like TweetDeck which is the one I use or you can try one of the others like HootSuite.

Engaging people in conversation is as easy, most people are natural conversationalists. You can just type something and send. If you are looking to include someone in your tweet, simply add the @ symbol before their name. It will show up on their Twitter page as well.

If you have been on Twitter for any amount of time, you have noticed the # symbol. This is called a hashtag. By including a hashtag you are reaching more people with your post. Think of hastags like the link of a chain. When someone searches for something on twitter and it includes your hashtag, they will see your post. For instance you include #americanidol and everyone who searches American Idol will see your post, not just your followers. Now, you would only do this of course, if you were talking about American Idol in your post. Twitter etiquette is important.

Hashtags are also used during a live chat. Twitter parties are big with a lot of bloggers and companies. It is a great way to find like minded people.

If you want to share your Twitter friends with others (this is great Twitter etiquette), you include #FF in your post. It stands for Follow Friday.

I hope this was helpful, please let me know if you have any questions.

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