Thursday, July 14, 2011

Calling All Metal Heads

Back in the day, New Jersey was the mecca for long haired, metal bands.  Clubs in many of the cities offered a showcase of local tri-state bands who often packed the joint with loyal followers and fans.

Times change, bands members get older, put their instruments down for a while, start families but the fire is always there. In the back of their minds, they remember the feeling of creating, performing and sharing. A spark starts a fire, connections are made and the next thing you know.....A Reunion!

Press Release:
The reunited US Legend SLEEPY HOLLOW from New Jersey have signed a world-wide six year, three album deal with Europe's PURE STEEL RECORDS.

...The bands return album "Skull Thirteen" will be released on CD and as Digital Download via PURE STEEL RECORDS this fall season. The vinyl version of the album will be released through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.

SLEEPY HOLLOW returns with its original line-up; Bob Mitchell- vocals, Steve Stegg- guitars, Steve Brink- bass guitars and Tom Wassman- drums.

For more information or to keep up with the band, follow them on Facebook

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