Monday, May 9, 2011

What Is Social Media?

What is Social Media?

It is a virtual conversation with thousands of people all talking at once, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Forums.

If you are a company today, big or small, you need an online voice.  That is where I come in. I am Buzz Chic or as my friends know me, Maria. I am a social chatterbox who loves talking and making new friends, real or virtual.

Please visit my website Buzz Chic for more detailed information on how I can and want to help you grow your business.

My services include:
* Increasing your online visiblity
* Cross promoting you
* Maintaining Twitter
* Maintaining Facebook
* Maintaining your blog

Contact Buzz Chic to find the package that works best for you.

Small Business Owners: I am willing to work with you. Contact me for special Mom/Dad business rates. As a parent myself, I know how much time goes into that aspect of your life and want to get you the best rate for your budget. 

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